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    This is THE thing to do in New York City this year!

    Don't deal with the bus or taxi traffic around the World Trade Center -- get there by boat! Don't waste time waiting in a 3-hour line to visit the Statue of Liberty -- we'll get you up close and personal on a boat for the best photo opportunities.

    A Truly Unique NYC Tour Experience

    The NYC Freedom Tour was designed to create a unique experience for visitors to New York City. This is the only tour in the United States that includes multiple bus tours, multiple walking tours, and multiple boat cruises. The NYC Freedom Tour focuses on the Statue of Liberty and the soon-to-open World Trade Center Memorial. It will start as a bus tour in Times Square and will include a boat cruise downtown to see the World Trade Center Memorial, then a bus tour of lower Manhattan with a drive across the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn for a visit to Fulton Ferry Landing, and finishing with another boat cruise to see the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty.

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    The Award-Winning OnBoard Tour Format

    The tour guide will accompany you the whole way. When you get off the bus or boat at a stop, the tour guide will hop off with you. No other tour in NYC offers this powerful benefit. This one fact will dramatically improve your visit to New York City because you won't just "see" the city -- you will truly "experience" the city.


    Here are some of the items you will see on the NYC Freedom Tour: Here are some of the sites and attractions you will see on the NYC Freedom Tour:
    • Statue of Liberty
    • the Bowling Green Bull
    • Brooklyn Bridge
    • Battery Park
    • Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn
    • Times Square
    • 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center
    • Trinity Church
    • World Financial Center
    • US Customs Building
    • St. Patrick's Cathedral
    • Ellis Island
    • Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
    • Hudson River
    • East River
    If you are serious about touring New York City, and you like being on the water, this is the sightseeing tour for you!

    Pricing and Departure Times:

    This tour is one of the great values in New York City. The tour pays for itself in transportation and time savings by avoiding the highest traffic areas of NYC. The NYC Freedom Tour includes pickup and dropoff that is convenient to more than 20 hotels (a $20 value), two boat cruises that are worth $27 each, and two bus tours that are worth $40 each. The total value of the package we have put together is more than $150 per person, but you will only pay $59.99 for Adults, and $49.99 for Children under 12 if you book now online. Tours depart at 9am, 10:30am, 12:00pm. You can designate your pickup location when you book your tickets.

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