Private Doll Tour

Thrill your daughter with our interactive Doll Tour. The first stop is Madame Alexander, a working doll factory and historical museum. The Madame Alexander Doll Factory has been manufacturing some of the world’s most beautiful, handcrafted dolls for more than 80 years. See both the first dolls mass produced for play and the exquisite collectors figures from private collections. Visit the historic gallery and see 80 years worth of dolls. Then visit the outlet store and get amazing deals on a doll to last your daughter a lifetime. But no Doll tour in New York City would be complete without a visit to the American Girl Doll Store, a multi-floor wonderland of beautiful contemporary dolls. Indulge your daughter with a doll that looks just like her, then go upstairs for a tea party for all your daughter and all of her new friends!

Tour runs Monday-Friday and lasts three hours. Advance reservations required. Cost of dolls not included in price.

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