Q: What happens if I arrive late… very close to departure time?

A: Ten minutes before departure we reserve the right to release any reservations as “no shows.” Walk-up passengers will be loaded at this time. You could lose your seat to a walkup passenger. We encourage you to arrive at the pickup point a minimum of 20 minutes before departure.

Q: How does OnBoard Tours handle the different Statue of Liberty ferry options?

A: As part of the NY See It All! Tour, you will board one of the Harbor Experience boats (usually the Zephyr) for a cruise around the Harbor. You will enjoy breath-taking views of the Statue of Liberty from the boat as we go right up to the Statue of Liberty.  The boat does not land at Liberty Island, so there is no walking around Liberty Island on this tour. When considering the security procedures, our customers see the benefits of the much quicker boat cruise option.   The total time of boat ride is only 1 hour compared to the 2-3 hour Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island ferry.  If you would still like to go to Liberty Island and Ellis Island, then we recommend doing so on a different day of your stay in New York City, and if you call us, we can help you get tickets to Liberty Island. 

Q: Can we climb up inside the Statue of Liberty?

A: The torch is closed, but the crown observation area is open.  You should know that the lines are outrageous, so if you intend to go to the crown you should plan on making it an all-day affair.  There is also a small museum in the base of the Statue of Liberty that is open to tourists.

Q: Does it make sense for me to do the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ferry to Liberty Island on our own?

A:  Yes.  As it takes a lot of time out of your NYC tour, we do recommend that if you wish to visit Liberty Island that you take that trip either before our sightseeing tour begins at noon or on a separate day. However, remember that you will get breathtaking views of Lady Liberty on the NY See It All! Tour, so you may want to keep in mind that most of our customers do not make a separate trip to Liberty Island. You can contact our office and purchase tickets on the ferry to Liberty Island if you want to do so.

Q: How does OnBoard Tours handle the Empire State Building observation attraction?

A:  The Empire State Building is breathtaking and some people like to stay a while to capture it all.  We know the best place in New York City to view the Empire State Building, so your tour guide will hop off with you and show you the skyscraper in all its glory.   There is not time during our tour to visit the observation deck.  As a result, we suggest you plan to visit it on a different day from your tour. If you plan to go up to the observation deck, we suggest you purchase your tickets by contacting our office before you arrive so you don’t have to wait in line as long.

Q: Does OnBoard Tours stop at every landmark on your itinerary? Do we get out of the shuttle at every attraction?

A: Yes.  Traffic permitting, we make a stop at every item listed on the top half of our sightseeing itinerary to provide everyone ample time to walk around and take pictures.  Your Tour Guide Ambassador also will get off the shuttle with the group at each stop and provide a historical narrative of the landmark, its architecture, and other tidbits you may have not known about New York and its landmarks.  The items on the bottom half of the itinerary will be viewed either from the shuttle or from other nearby attractions.  For instance, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Brooklyn Bridge from South Street Seaport and from the harbor cruise.

Q: How much time do you spend at each attraction?

A: As you can expect, some landmarks are more time-consuming than others, such as South Street Seaport and the World Trade Center Memorial.  With this in mind, there is no set time for each attraction.  Our Tour Guide Ambassadors are trained to watch how the tour group progresses at each landmark and adjust the tour accordingly.  Keep in mind, we still have a lot of sightseeing to do in 5 1/2 hours, so we do like to keep the tour group moving.

Q:  Is the snack at South Street Seaport included in the Tour Price?

A:  Food is not included in the tour price.  We chose South Street Seaport for a snack break because it has the most available food options in one area.  Our tour passengers have told us they love having the options.  The stop at South Street Seaport is long enough to give you time to grab a snack at the food court.  And as always, your Tour Guide Ambassador has something to show you from the Seaport that you will find yourself using up a role of film on.  We’d tell you, but you’ve got to see it.

Q: Do you mail me tickets?

A:  No.  We employ an easy-to-use ticketless reservation system.  Your email confirmation is your tour ticket.  Thus, there is no reason to deal with the hassles of tickets and mail. If you lose your confirmation, no worries. Your last name is your reservation number.

Q: Do you offer private sightseeing tours of New York City?

A: Yes we do.  We have an array of private sightseeing tours of New York City including shuttle, van, and walking tours for your to choose from, please click here to learn more: New York City Private Tours.

Q: How do I book my OnBoard New York mixed-group tour?

A: Online on our secure server at Buy New York City Tour tickets.

Q:  Where do you meet the tour shuttle?  Where does the tour start?

A:  All of our tours start near Times Square–Meet the Shuttle on the Northwest Corner of 7th Avenue and 50th Street, New York, NY 10019  Your ticketless email confirmation will have it printed on the bottom so there is no reason to write it down now.

Q:  I’m driving a car into New York City.  Where should I park near the tour starting point?

A:  There are plenty of 24 hour parking locations in Times Square.  The key is to pay no more than $30 for 10 hour parking.  Most of the major Times Square hotels charge around $45.  There are lots of locations that charge $25 for 10 hours in Times Square.

Q:  What type of vehicles does OnBoard Tours operate?

A:  We normally use 25-passenger, 33-passenger and 35-passenger shuttles for our daily mixed group tours.  We often use 15-passenger vans for our private tours (see private tours pricing).  We do not allow customers to pick and choose their vehicles, however we do allow large same-party groups to stay together on one bus.  Depending on demand and/or our service schedule, we reserve the right to substitute a 55-passenger bus with a bathroom on board for our mixed-group tours on busy days.

Q:  Can I bring my baby stroller or a wheel chair on board?

A:  Currently, our primary shuttles are not wheel chair accessible and there is no room for a baby stroller on board.  If you use a wheelchair, please contact our office to book your tour so we can arrange to have the proper equipment in place to accommodate your needs. One of the benefits of OnBoard Tours is during the longer walks (which there are not many) one can stay on board the shuttle near the landmark without feeling like they have to get out every time.

Q:  Where does the tour end?

A:  You are welcome to end your tour at any of our stops. However, all of our tours return to 50th Street & 7th Avenue, where the tour begins.

Q: What is the age limit for kids pricing?

A: Children under 12 years of age can take the OnBoard Tour for the discounted children’s price. Infants under 2 years old may ride for free if they ride in their parent’s lap during the tour.  If you feel you would be more comfortable having a seat for your infant, please purchase a child’s ticket.

Q: What additional expenses should we expect?

A: You should plan on paying for food at South Street Seaport.  If you wish to visit the observatory at the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock, there is a fee for tickets. Our Customer Service Ambassadors can help you purchase your tickets at 1-212-852-4821.

Q: Are tips included?

A: No.  We ask that you plan to tip your driver and tour guide.  A good rule of thumb is 15%, or $8.00 to $10.00 per person.

Q: Can we bring carry-on bags on board your shuttle?

A: No.  We ask that you leave your bags in your hotel room. The only bags that are allowed on board the Tour Shutles are small purses. We reserve the right to search any purses you bring on board.

Q: Why should I take an OnBoard Sightseeing tour?

A:  OnBoard New York Tours offers high-quality sightseeing tours of New York City.  Home of New York’s Only Comprehensive Guided Tour, we also offer private sightseeing tours, foreign-language tours, walking tours, and mixed-group sightseeing tours.  See all of New York City’s landmarks and attractions, including the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center Memorial Site, Central Park, Wall Street, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, and South Street Seaport.  Our licensed NYC Tour Guide Ambassadors stay with you throughout the sightseeing tour and get off the shuttle bus with you at each tour stop so you can take pictures and learn more about New York City.  We keep our tour groups smaller than our competitors so that you get more individual attention and customer service and end up with a better tour experience.  The smaller groups allow the Tour Guide Ambassador to answer more of your questions and allow you to interact with other tourists to make your tour more fun.  Free bottled water on the tour shuttle make for a more enjoyable tour.  Our customers rave about our tour of NYC.  We also recommend New York City Hotels for your stay on our hotels page.

Still have questions?  Click here to contact us. Click here to book a tour.

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