We didn’t mean to start one of the highest-rated tour companies in America. Like most overnight success stories, we put in years of hard work (read: we got lucky), we spent countless hours researching how other companies operated their tours (read: we just built a tour we would put our family on, without regard for how the other guys do it), and we offered a product that was so much better than the competition’s that we won an award for excellence (read: wait…that’s true!).

We know we have a great product – but in today’s competitive market – a great product isn’t enough. So in addition to offering the best and highest-rated tours in our industry, we also offer outstanding customer service and an unparallelled experience. From start to finish, you’ll know you’re in good hands with OnBoard Tours.

Now – we might have stumbled into the tour business on accident – but we got where we are because of our employees and people like you. Since the founding of OnBoard Tours we’ve never laid off a single employee even with the recession and numerous budget cuts. We also believe in promoting from within. Many of our top people started out as $10 an hour employees. We care about our people and we care about our company. But don’t take our word for it, come take an OnBoard Tour and experience the OnBoard difference.

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